Oval Concepts SCCS Tri Bars

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Oval Concepts SCCS Tri Bars

Postby moosterbounce » Mon Nov 01, 2010 2:15 am

Oval Concepts SCCS Tri Bars - A911 Over Under
Elite Racing Cycles - About $350 (I hid the receipt :wink: )

They can be seen here

How it is used
When I want to go faster!! I'm considering TT but can't justify another bike.

These are essentially tri bars that do not mount in the conventional clip on fashion. Instead, they mount to a special Oval Concepts stem cap and therefore do not clip onto your bars at all. This enables their use with carbon bars.

These have enabled me to get tri bars for my "normal" bike while keeping the carbon bars I like so much.
If you love your road bike but want to get a bit more aero, these are a great alternative to standard clip ons.

You do need the added expense of replacing your stem with an Oval Concepts stem which adds to the price.
They do flex a bit but I get up to speed and then use the bars so don't notice too much.
I use a very wide topped bar and have had to put tape between the "arms pads" and my bars to stop any rubbing due to the slight flex.

Additional notes
These bars are very customisable. As well as having different shaped extensions (I went with s-bends), you can adjust angles, extensions, pad position...but with all the adjustments you get tempted to play around with the positioning :oops:

It is also possible to get the extensions in carbon but even I couldn't justify the price for the step up!! Also some parts available in red!! It is considered a modular system so you can customise the effect you want.

There is also a similar over-over system which puts both the extensions and the pads above the bar.

If you are like me and want to keep your funky shaped carbon bar but want more options for your ride, these are great and the only design of their kind.

Quality - :D :D :D

Performance - :D :D :D

Value for money - :D :D Not cheap with the stem replacement, but still cheaper than replacing my bars.

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