MUPi Cycling: Team Caisse d'Epargne Kit

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MUPi Cycling: Team Caisse d'Epargne Kit

Postby NhiTrac » Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:11 pm

2010 Team Caisse d'Epargne Cycling Jersey and Bib Shorts

Where bought and price
MUPI Cycling website.
Jersey was offered for free (refer to viewtopic.php?f=9&t=8094).
Purchased matching bib shorts for $27.99 plus $12.99 shipping.
Otherwise would have cost $49.99 plus $12.99 shipping.

How it is used
Short weekly, long weekend rides

Jersey has three pockets and full length zipper.
Bibs has comfortable chamois with appropriate padding and gel strips. Mesh straps.

+ Excellent online store
+ Great communication
+ Competitive prices
+ Great quality
+ Very comfortable!

- Spelling mistakes on inside tags
- Small hiccup with initial postage however was quickly acknowledged and resolved by MUPi. Well done.

Additional notes
Bear with me friends, I'm known at work for writing essays...

Height: 178cm
Weight: 83.5kg
Chest: 105cm (41.5”)
Waist: 99cm (39”)
Hips: 91cm (36”)
Floor to crotch: 83cm

With my rather large and plump body definition (I have a gut and small man !! BAN ME NOW FOR SWEARING !!), I decided to go with an L for both jersey and bibs. Prior to this I have always worn XL jerseys however they did have a bit of free space. These in an L fitted snug like a glove. I would say they were probably a bit too snug though this is great motivation for me to lose my fat and tone up! To be honest, I’ll probably be buying L size from now on.
The jersey fitted great and the arms were not tight at all. Snug, but still allowed me to move freely and not feel as if I was being suffocated/uncomfortable.

The same can be said for the bibs – The straps were a bit tight at first however they did loosen up after my quick test ride. The gel strips on the knees held them in place and did not move at all from my professional self inflicted tan line. The chamois/padding was also very comfortable and moulded against my fat ass. Very comparable with other more expensive shorts/bibs out there though I wouldn’t say they are in quite the same league as those shorts/bibs that cost in excess of $150.

During Ride
I left work early eager to test my new outfit and headed out for a quick fast one hour ride (32km). It was slightly warm and as it was a quick workout I was building up a sweat. Had some drip on the side of my face whilst using the Halo headband! However when I was done, my outfit was pretty much almost dry as the sweat just evaporated right off me and kept me cool which is a huge plus.

The padding on the bibs was great though I can’t make a proper judgement on such a short ride. I’m sure these will be comfortable easily pass the 100km mark as they’re pretty much the same as my other shorts I’ve worn on 100km+ rides.

All in all, very comfortable and didn’t need to do any adjustments to the padding on the fly… If you know what I mean.

Post Ride
I stayed in these for about an hour after the ride at home doing weights and stretches. Still very comfortable. Even took the time to admire myself in the mirror as I “looked the part”.

The final test was a wash. Soaked it in light washing detergent for few minutes before hand washing them (I hand was all of my riding gear) and the colour did not run at all. I was expecting a bit of colour bleed however the water was the same.

P.s. I even got called "sexy"! .. Though it was from my own mother. Clearly need to work on my target audience :oops:

Highly recommended.

As much as I love buying my bike gear from the more popular UK sites, I have to say they’ve lost my money with regards to jersey/bibs/shorts. MUPi Cycling has my business now in this space.


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