Malvern Star Oppy C6

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Malvern Star Oppy C6

Postby Solirossi » Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:29 am

Name of product
Malvern Star Oppy C6

Where bought and price
Super Elliots Rundle St - $2599



How it is used
Group and Solo rides, hills mainly but also some flat coastal riding. Nothing competitive but generally rides between 50 & 100km's.

Full Carbon, high modulus T700 tube to tube construction.
Ultegra 6700.
Mavic Ksyrium
Fizik Saddle

= The frame is very stiff, same grade carbon for the full range is a big plus for the mid to lower end spec'd models. Ultegra 6700 is brilliant. In comparison to my older 105 the 6700 excels in every way, but the 3 biggest improvements are front derailluer shifting, break power/modulation and hood shape. The tube to tube construction is very good, it's a feature that changes the manufacturing process quiet a lot. It does not require the expensive moulds of a monocoque design but is much more labour intensive, it also allows a greater amount of quality control. Oh yeah, the price!

- It would be good if it was a bit lighter, sans pedals its approx 7.9kg & the wheel set is good but could be better. Dont get me wrong the ksyriums are great, bomb proof wheels but not the lightest. So potentially a wheel upgrade would solve these two slight issues. BUt then when you factor the cost involved and your bang for buck as a stock product its pretty tought to argue with the components offered. Also perhaps the name on the down tube. But thats a personal thing.

Additional notes
Iv done about 600km's on the bike and have to say its brilliant. I have come from a carbon Avanti running 105 and this bike is far superior in every way. The grouppo is great and the frame is stiff and strong. I would like it a little lighter but the strength and stiffness trade off is more than adequate. Whilst im not the most experienced rider I do log a few km's and enjoy quality built products, i have to say that this bike has not disappointed me at all. There is plenty of stiffness through the BB and power transfer is great.
The bike is finished well, full internal cable routing, (this does create extra friction with shifting (esp the new 6700 internal routing) but highe end cables would fix this) Aero foil tubing and great components make this a brilliant package. Heck these bike have been winning lots of races with the Genesys Cycling team all year so they have the performance as well as the value.

I would happily reccomend this product. DOnt get me wrong I would have loved the down tube to say 'Look', 'Casati' etc... But yeah i didnt have the $5k to shell out for a similar speced version, and then if I did it would be a tough call between A similarly specd euro and a c7 with DA 7900 and Carbon Mavics. Its a great bike and I would purchase another.


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Malvern Star Oppy C6

Postby nutsack » Tue Nov 30, 2010 1:27 pm

Latest c6 looks very nice, i like how the Malvern star logo is almost invisible.
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Re: Malvern Star Oppy C6

Postby Solirossi » Tue Nov 30, 2010 1:49 pm

Yeah I definatly think that was a concious decision to have the branding more focused on the 'Oppy'.

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