PedalPower+ AC Universal Cable

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PedalPower+ AC Universal Cable

Postby KenGS » Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:03 pm

PedalPower+ AC Universal cable
This is a device that connects to a 6Vac dynamo and provides a regulated 5Vdc which can be used to power and/or recharge devices that would normally be connected to a USB port.

In my case I also ordered the Quick Connect (QC) piggyback lugs for connection to my SON Hub Dynamo and an angled connector for the Garmin Edge 705 on a short extension cable

The AC Universal cable came with the QC lugs unattached. They can be attached with a crimping tool or, as I did, by soldering.
The cable has a hard plastic housing that contains the electronics and the output end is a female coaxial connector. The extension cable has a matching male coaxial connector and terminates in an angled mini-USB

Where bought and price
From the website at click the Contact option to send an email.
I got a prompt reply to my query and placed an order which I paid by direct bank credit.
For the options I purchased the cost was (including GST):
AC Universal cable $97.90
Garmin right-angle connector $27.50
Piggyback connectors $16.50
Postage $15
Total $156.90

How it is used
The AC Universal cable is attached to the dynamo with the piggyback lugs and the dynamo headlights then connect to the piggyback. The angle connector cable pugs into the coaxial connector and the mini-USB plugs into the Garmin.
I used the Pedalpower+ on a three day tour to keep my Garmin charged without needing mains power. During the tour I travelled on sealed roads and the unsealed and rough East Gippsland Rail Trail. One day of touring was in steady rain. Whilst charging the Garmin I left my headlights off but did not test what would happen if they were on. Whilst the Garmin uses very little power, other devices may use more so it is probably best to switch them off while the Pedalpower+ is operating.

Overall time on the bike was over 8 hours and over this time the Garmin would normally lose much of its charge. At the end of three days connected to the Pedalpower+ it was still effectively fully charged. The Pedalpower+ was unaffected by the wet weather of which we had plenty. It only faltered on bumpy sections of trail when it would momentarily lose connection. I suspect the coaxial connector in part but it is conceivable that it was also due to loss of traction on the front wheel.

Successfully keeps the Garmin fully charged
Works in wet weather
Other devices can be recharged using additional adapters

Need to crimp or solder the QC lugs to the cable
Coaxial connector loses connection temporarily when bumped

Additional notes
The QC lugs were intially a tight fit for the dynamo to the extent I did not want to force them on and damage the dynamo. I got a prompt response from the supplier who advised easing out the opening which I did with a small screwdriver. Then everything slotted together with no problems
Using the piggyback lugs means I have two cables running up the front fork. I plan to have just one cable and install a different connector at the top of the fork for better appearance and ease of access.
I'd like to try both Garmin and headlights together to see what happens. Could be useful for overnight rides.

If you don't mind fitting the QC lugs I can recommend this device. You may also consider asking the supplier to fit them for you.


Quality Image due to the need to fit the lugs.

Performance Image Keeps the device charged and the temporary loss of connection is not a big issue. Power is lost anyway whenever you stop.

Value for money Image
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