Garmin External Battery Pack

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Garmin External Battery Pack

Postby KenGS » Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:52 pm

Garmin External Battery Pack
This is a device that contains a rechargeable battery for powering or recharging a Garmin device like the Edge 705 on trips exceeding the 15 hour life of the Garmin. It can also be used likewise for other USB connected devices using the included USB-A adapter. A LCD display shows the charge level of the external battery. The kit contains a mains recharger and also a solar recharger to recharge the external battery pack when mains is not available.

Where bought and price
Online from Probikekit (PBK) for GBP 53.61 (approx AUD 81.33)

How it is used
I used it to top up the Garmin and my miniDVR. I also used the solar panels to recharge the external battery whilst on the road. I could have used the dynamo to do this but preferreed to keep the Garmin charged.

Topping up my devices did not tax it at all as the Garmin had been recharged by my dynamo and Pedalpower+. The extra insurance of another 20 hours of Garmin use was comforting though especially when I switched my dynamo to power my headlights. Recharging from solar power was slow and I never did get it back to fullcharge that way. Also, when recharging from solar the rubber weather protection case has to be removed to access the recharging socket. I guess if it is raining then the solar panel is of little use anyway

Provides ample extra energy (11 Wh)
USB adapter allows connection to many devices
Solar and mains rechargeable

Solar recharger is slow

Additional notes
I'm still to test whether the external battery can be recharged with the Pedalpower+ but no reason why it should not work. I also need to test just how long it takes to recharge with solar from near empty.

I'm happy with my purchase as it provides some peace of mind and a lot of flexibility in power options on the bike.


Quality Image

Performance Image but don't rely too heavily on the solar recharger

Value for money Image
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