Beyond Cycle 2 tent

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Beyond Cycle 2 tent

Postby KenGS » Sat Jan 01, 2011 9:21 pm

Beyond Cycle 2 tent
This is an ultra lightweight 3 season tent for 2 people. It is a two skin nylon tent with a white polyester inner and red waterproof polyester fly. A single alloy tent pole, pegs, guy ropes and carry case are provided.

Where bought and price
Bought from Torpedo 7 for $79.99

How it is used
I used it for two nights on a recent bike tour in inclement weather. Although a nominal 2 person tent I used it solo using the extra space inside to store my panniers and generally spread my stuff about.

My first trial attempt at pitching the tent and subsequent live attempt, following the included instructions, were unsatisfactory. Not only was it very difficult to set up but the tent was all awry. Luckily my travelling companion had a similar tent (different brand) so I pitched the tent the same as he had with greater success on the second night. Basically, the instructions seem to have jumbled the inner+fly notes and fly-only notes. If you buy this tent please note: Set up the inner as instructed then ignore from there. Attach the front (zipper end) of the fly to the pole through the grommet, then fit the velco to the pole at the front, top and rear. Then pull the fly the rest of the way over. Attach some shock cord to the loop at the back of the fly (I pinched the one on the door as I don't use it for anything) then peg it out. Do NOT attempt to fit the pole into the grommet at the back of the fly as you risk deforming and possibly damaging the fly and compromising the weatherproofing of the tent overall.
Also, the plastic toggles on the guy ropes are pretty useless. A rolling hitch or similar works much better. In any case the guys are only needed if its windy or you want to hang up clothes to dry.
Nevertheless, at this price the tent is brilliant value. Similar tents could cost 3 to 5 times more.

Lightweight - about 2 kg in total
Low cost

Lousy instructions

If you can tie a rolling hitch and can do the minor McGyver fixes then this tent is highly recommended for bike touring.


Quality Image Poor instructions, useless guy rope toggles and some ragged fabric edges

Performance Image Kept me dry in wet weather

Value for money ImageImage
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