Eddy Hollands Bicycle Service

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Eddy Hollands Bicycle Service

Postby BigVin » Fri Mar 04, 2011 1:26 pm

Eddy Hollands Bicycle Services

Where bought and price
Eddy Hollands is a mobile bicycle service repair man (on top of being a top rider, and a top bloke) who pretty much comes to you wherever you are.
If you're like me, and you cycle to work, it's great, cos you can ride in, he comes down, services the bike that day, and then you ride home!

How it is used
From a minor 'nip and tuck' adjustment, to full scale services, Eddy does it all.

Eddy Hollands has been a stalwart on the WA Racing scene for many years now, and his reputation as a top rider, and a very friendly, very approachable guy are two main reasons for his popularity in the cycling fraternity. I've known of Eddy's service business for a while now, and finally pulled the trigger on getting him to come down and do a general service of the cables, derailleurs etc.
He'd recently done a full service on a mate's ride and his glowing report on both Eddy and his workmanship was more than enough to get him down to do my bike too.
I ride to work pretty much every day, so Eddy drove down, got here on time and did a nice, detailed service for an awesome price.
He also takes the bike out after he's adjusted everything, to make sure there's no issues.

* Eddy's a top level rider so he knows his business.
* Very well priced.
* Mobile service, very prompt and efficient.
* Friendly and easy to talk to and relate to. He'll gladly offer you up advice etc.

None at all.

Additional notes
Eddy is very popular throughout the Perth area, so it pays to book a week in advance!


I highly recommend Eddy Hollands Bicycle Service. Mobile service, well priced and the work is carried out by a guy who has been around bikes his whole life.


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