Slipstreamz wind noise reduction

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Slipstreamz wind noise reduction

Postby dagadgetman » Tue Mar 15, 2011 1:57 pm

Name of product
Slipstreamz "The Slip" Wind noise Reduction Devices

Where bought and price
$20US including delivery from the slipstreamz website in South Africa. Online ordering only. PayPal only.

How it is used
I have put them on and after 200+ Km I don't see a need to take them off.

They clip onto the front strap and there is a tie to a convenient rear part of the helmet. They sit in the triangle of the straps and cover the ear. They are made of a plastic clip and frame with a fabric cover. There is a groove and a mount for an earphone and although they say it will only fit an ipod piece, my sennheisers go in OK. They sit fairly flat against the ear and once your helmet is on you don't know they are there.

Wind noise is significantly lessened. I can hear conversations and traffic MUCH better than I could before. If I put earphones in, I can hear the music and it is not intrusive.
Service was excellent.

No colour options.
I think the clip might not last if taken off and on often. ( Not an issue for me because I'll leave them on.)
They were a bit warm on the hotter days but not uncomfortably so, in winter this will be a big plus.
The look a bit naf (but only a bit).

Additional notes
I've bought another set, very happy.

Get some - they work well and give me far more wind noise reduction than I was expecting.


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Value for money
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