Axiom RainRunner DLX guards - Trekk version

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Axiom RainRunner DLX guards - Trekk version

Postby familyguy » Fri Mar 25, 2011 10:07 am

Name of product
Axiom RainRunner DLX guards, Trekk model for 28-45 tyres

Where bought and price
BikeHub Dee Why; RRP around $60

How it is used
Permanently mounted to Fuji Touring commuter, just in case

Axiom wrote:The best of the best full coverage mudguards
Includes patent pending adapters to fit bicycles without eyelets, and bikes with disc brakes
No need for finicky rubber bands
3M REFLEX reflective stripe is charcoal grey in daytime, and white at night
Mounts easily and securely
Stainless steel stays and hardware
Extended mudguard flap; save your water bottles

Road weight: 560g / 1.23lbs
Trekk weight: 596g / 1.31lbs
MTB weight: 660g / 1.45lbs

Part Number(s):
177788-01 - Road Black(700X18c-28c)
177788-04 - Road Silver(700X18c-28c)
177788-02 - Trekk Black(700x28c-45c)
177788-03 - MTB Black(26x1.5-2.2)

Link to large image

These are what Axiom calls 'Techniflex Construction', and probably much the same as the SKS 'Chromoplastic'. They have a plastic look, solid feel, and are flexible enough to take bumps or kids prying hands.

+ I found them easy to fit, as long as you plan to mount them loose and tighten everything once on the bike (dont try mounting them with a rear rack in place!)
+ the reflective stripe is very noticeable in the dark
+ all stainless steel hardware
+ the disc brake stand-offs are neat milled items that match the quality of the rest of the package (I didnt use them, however)

- they dont appear to have the SKS-style connections that would 'let go' in case of an object being caught in the front wheel
- the reflective stripe seems very prone to scratching from cable ends if you use canti's (I had to trim mine right up)

Additional notes

I've had these fitted for a few weeks now, and they've now seen some rain.



Extended front flap gives a lot of coverage, and keeps some of the splashing off your feet. So you've only got to worry about the rain coming downwards. Of course, nothing will stop you getting wet in heavy rain, but these do a good job through standing water and showers. The upper stay on the front runs very close to the fork leg, but it doesnt rub. This might be a consideration depending on your fork. Forks with a bigger curve might run into issues with this.



Extended rear flap will brush the ground if you lift the bike vertical, so courtesy coverage at the back is quite long as well. The rearmost stay on the rear touches the rack, but doesnt make noise. Again, this would depend on the rack you use.

Unobtrusive once fitted:

For me, these were an easily obtainable alternative to things like the SKS chromoplastics via the Usual Suspects. The price was similar, once shipping a small order was factored in. Some might query the thumbs up for value, as shipping a set of SKS might work out to a similar cost. But if you need something promptly, they're a good option.


Quality Image

Performance Image

Value for money Image

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