Mupi Spiderman Kit

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Mupi Spiderman Kit

Postby Releng » Wed Apr 20, 2011 6:05 pm

Mupi Spiderman Jersey & Bib Knicks

Mupi Website Free Sample (Actual cost US$50 + freight $13)

Mupi Cycling:
Free sample #2
A couple of Months back the guy from Mupi Cycling offered some free kit to BNA Members, first in best dressed. I sent him an email and even though I pointed out that I had already received some free stuff from him before, he gave me another free sample. The man’s generosity knows no bounds. ... s-kit.html

Well the only freebies that were on offer were a Spiderman short sleeve jersey and bib knicks. While these are a bit garish compared to my normal cycling clobber I thought it might as well go to a good (if not deserving) home.

My teenage daughter has forbidden me to be seen in public in the full outfit, but despite the threat of the direst of consequences I have tested it out thoroughly and the bib knicks have become one of my favourite pairs. When I first got them I was a bit wary of how they and my more tender bits would hold up to an extended time in the racing saddle (a Prologo c.one50). I slowly built up the ride distance through half a dozen rides, culminating in today’s 4.5 hour epic. The Mupi knicks came through with flying colours, bright ones at that.

This latest acquisition brings my total of Mupi Kit to 3 Jerseys, 2 bib knicks and 1 knicks. A quick examination has found that the gear is holding up well to the rigours of use. No loose threads evident, all zips are functioning well. The only downside I can report is some grease staining of my white Sky Jersey. While I am happy to recommend this gear and the supplier, please understand that I have only paid for one set of the gear.

This stuff is comfortable, cheap, hard wearing and (if you overlook the “Made in Italy” tag and the team graphics) honest.

Hey Dart if you see this review, can you do some plain tops with no advertising logos on them? Maybe a low key black or blue with some white on it. It might stop me from being a constant embarrassment to my kids.

+Bright Colours,
Good Quality,

-Made in Italy Tag

Buy it you will not be disappointed


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Performance Image

Value for money Image

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