Urban Kreation sport jeans

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Urban Kreation sport jeans

Postby rustychisel » Mon Jun 20, 2011 2:01 pm

Urban Kreation
Skinny fit blue
Size: Regular 34

The Urban Kreation jeans are marketed as the toughest jeans on the planet and to that end they incorporate Kevlar into their manufacture. According to the website it’s the stuff which stops bullets, which they seem to suggest is a good thing. I’ve never had to stop a bullet, so I count myself lucky.

The good news is that these look like jeans, wear like jeans, and have a layer of Kevlar sewn into the leg and thigh region. Why? Well, these are marketed as jeans for extreme sports, such as skateboarding and skootering and I dunno, they said something about riding your bike somewhere in the publicity so I whipped back a request saying I’d like to do that and could I have a pair ‘to review’? Well, you would, wouldn’t you, for a pair of jeans with a retail price north of $200…

Apparently these jeans are also reinforced with a Liquid Crystal Polymer, so you’re guaranteed not to burn or graze when you deck it. I’m not that silly, so do your own experiments. I know that most grazes are friction burns and a layer of Kevlar is going to give you Kevlar burns instead of denim burns. I chose to keep my skin.

The salient bits: I’m a svelte 34in waist (actually about 33 13/16in) so these fit me well. They’re bit of a low waisted hipster cut so they’ll look good on anyone without a bum, but for a real cyclist you might find your thigh muscles get in the way of having a proper slim fit. As it happens, the size I chose was second largest in the range, so you can guess the target market.

Oh. They’re heavy. A layer of Kevlar and some other space age stuff adds to the weight. The leg length is generous (or maybe they’re really for a longer legged slimmer version of me) and they’re warm. They should appeal to hipsters, therefore, since that is the direction of their appeal.

So far so good, but there’s one thing you want when in comes to cycling in jeans and that’s survivability in the crotch. Creasing and motion wears out the average jeans in under six months, so while I don’t have good news on that front I’ll be keeping a close eye on the Urban Kreations for longevity.

see them here...http://www.activeoutthere.com.au/catego ... 252d-Blue/


quality 8/10 where the 'thumbies' thing?

performance 7/10

value for money 4/10 We'll see about the longevity

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