Muc-off Dry Lube

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Muc-off Dry Lube

Postby ft_critical » Mon Dec 12, 2011 12:16 pm

Name of product
Muc-off Dry Lube

Where bought and price
CycleSurgery in Moorgate, GBP6.99, but available online from all the usual suspects

How it is used
Apply it to your chain in the usual way, then wipe it off
As this is a dry lube, I don't have any information on its performance under wet conditions

A biodegradable, dry, chain lube

Makes your drivetrain run quietly


Additional notes
So having my drive train rust after needing to wash it in the shower whilst travelling in the UK, I identified the need for lube. CycleSurgery was the closest bike shop to where I was staying. The store guys said this stuff is awesome, it will make your drive train run quieter. I was like yeah whatever, and explained somewhat arrogantly that I use Purple Extreme. So I put it on. It is a white, quite thick paste. Bit unusual I thought. I left it for about 5min. I went back to wipe it off and most had disappeared. I wiped it down anyway.

I go for a ride the next evening and, oh my goodness, my running gear is so quiet. I am shifting so easily. Now I am not one to recommend usually, most things are much of a muchness, but this was a surprising product. Very disappointingly, I noted the 'highly flammable' warning on the package and left it behind. I will be buying some on my next order though. It was amazing.



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