Scicon AeroTech Evolution Bike Box

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Scicon AeroTech Evolution Bike Box

Postby ValleyForge » Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:02 pm

Scicon AeroTech Evolution Bike Box
Yes the big hard-side one. ... 73edit.jpg

Bought from Local Bike Shop - John at Boggo Rd Bike Hub
Moderate discount for being a frequent flyer, retails at $1599. Expensive I know.

4 domestic air trips (Qantas baggage handlers :lol:) so far and a few road trips on the roof rack with other luggage. It transports either of my L size carbon bikes. Now a year down the track.

ABS hard sided case with several internal mounts and fork protectors. Basically the video on the Scicon website tells you how to put the bike in. Then you cinch the internal straps so the frame kinds hangs inside. I've got the time down to less than 15 mins. Four casters (current ones have strengthened casters as there were reports of them getting knocked off in the prev model) and a strap to help hoist it onto conveyors and roof-racks. Came with a drawstring gear bag and combination locks.

I've added some simple things - Sidchrome spanner for pedals, a high pressure road pump (no CO2 canisters on planes), disposable gloves and a Chain Condom. A canvas drop sheet is next as I've left a chain lube mark on a hotel carpet once and don't want a cleaning fine! I also added a luggage strap around it.

All up with kit, bottles, shoes, tools and sundries it usually weights about 22kg.

+A dream to travel with. Simple to tow across the airport concourse.
+Seems pretty rainproof - Hello Melbourne!
+I just wheel it up to Oversized Baggage and as it now has it's own Q-Tag it's very happy. It's usually off the plane and ready for pick-up before the checked luggage comes out!
+Plenty of internal space so I can just use a cabin bag for domestic travel.
+Never had any internal damage -I saw it get thrown off a trolley in Brisbane onto the conveyor. Bike AOK.

Negatives -
-Having to undo the stem is a pain as I use integrated bars. Always paranoid that I'll be assembling and not tighten the stem properly and discover on a descent.
-Doesn't really have a handle on top. At least not one you can put your hand through. The luggage strap will feed through a narrow slot in the top and keeps it secure and is a worthwhile substitute for a handle.
-Not cheap, but I've heard more than a few stories of mangled bikes arriving by air.
-The little window where you white you name is unusable.
-The surface is rippled so those tour decals won't stick. Not at all.

Additional notes
Compared it to Alan's Bike Box and the Bikund. Saw a guy pulling 2 AeroTechs in Washington Dulles and thought - looks too easy.

It's great. You might not need a Maserati to get the bread & milk, but I'm pretty confident I'll arrive with an intact bike every time.


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