Sugoi arm warmers

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Sugoi arm warmers

Postby lump_a_charcoal » Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:39 am

Name of product
Sugoi Arm warmers (black)

Where bought and price
Panthers Cycles - $50

How it is used
Great for chilly mornings, when you know it will be warmer on the return leg, after a croissant and piccolo.
Ideal for those who often shed layers after warming up.

They have a slightly fuzzy inner texture, which feels great against the skin, and is very warming.
There is a rubbery band around the top, which clings to your arm to prevent it slipping off, which is not uncomfortable at all. They have not budged once yet!
They also have a reflective logo on the outer forearm.

+Really easy to out on and remove, even whilst moving - just grab the top band and pull down.
+Very light, easily fits in a large pocket.

- A little pricey (probably cheaper online, but I try to support my LBS).
- Not many colour choices.

Additional notes
I am buying a second pair, so I can wear them to work! I also wear them running and at bootcamp.
I tend to reach a temperature point where I go from comfortable to very uncomfortable in only a few degrees. I like to be able to "tune" my apparel to suit.

If you don't have many long sleeved jerseys, or you don't feel the cold quite enough to want to wear a jacket, then there are a great option.
They are light, super comfy, and best of all, do a great job.


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