Zipp Firecrest 404 Beyond Blacks Carbon

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Zipp Firecrest 404 Beyond Blacks Carbon

Postby hanzao » Fri Jul 20, 2012 11:37 pm

Name of product
Zipp 2012 404 Firecrest Beyond Black Carbon Clinchers

Sorry for the bad picture

Where bought and price
Bikeforce Joondalup: $2xxx (buddy price)
Bikeexchange: $2500 + Freight and warranty you have to send it back to them.

How it is used
Crit racing, racing, flat events and most important COFFEE rides!!!

There is lots of reviews and description on the internet about this product so im going to point a few things out.

Back ground, i have previously owned Shimano Dura-Ace 7810 50mm Carbon clinchers and man did they roll and of course light! but sucked on the crosswind.
I have a pair of Shimano Dura-Ace C25

I watched that video before i got the wheels.

Q: Seriously watching the youtube your thinking, ok buddy thats alot of sales techno crap.. I thought the same what a load of BULLDUST. Zipp trying to work out ways to remarket and sell!!
A: My first time riding into the wind and having crosswind, i felt the bike straighting up and it was guiding me... This totally blew me away.

Q: Seriously fatter wheel?
A: Yep its fat, its so fat i have to losen that top bit on the brakes to fit these wheels.

Q: High PSI?
A: I haven't had to chance to test this out but it nice to roll around 140psi tyres and know it aint going to damage my carbon rims.

here they are on my bike... mm love the chime :)


+404s that rides likes 808s but without the weight disadvantage
+They roll like no tomorrow when you reach 35+kmph
+Less power (save power = longer distance and easy to stay with the pack)
+So light .. total weight of the bike with these wheels 6.5kg
+So Sexy looking


-I should of gotten the allow breaking surface if i knew i had to keep changing brakes pads as i change wheels or just clean the brake pads.
-Its FAT!!!
-Expensive, if you got the cash get them if not... save up!!

Additional notes
Seriously these are sexy coffee rims and sure makes you look like a racer.. you might as well RACE!!


Quality ImageImageImageImageImage

Performance ImageImageImageImageImage

Value for money Image (oh you only live once, you know you want them!!)
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