Selle Italia Max Flite

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Selle Italia Max Flite

Postby ft_critical » Thu Aug 30, 2012 9:36 pm

Name of product Selle Italia Max Flite

Where bought and price The WWW new for $85
They are more expensive locally.

How it is used
So it was a mistake. I meant to buy a Sella Italia Flite Gelflow, which is the performance seat. I have always used these, I have it on the race bike and I was meaning to just swap from white to black on the training bike.

This is the sportive saddle. I was pretty unhappy with it: it is slightly longer, it has a wider seat and it has little suspension in the back. I thought great, this is not going to support me training for racing and the different measurements (to the plain Gelflow that I have been using) are going to cause me biomechanical issues.

I thought what the hell I will try it out. AWESOME. OMGosh, it is so comfortable. There are no issues with it being to flexy when sprinting seated or driving hills seated or when grinding out at TT pace. It is fantastic.
Great so now I am tempted to put one on the race bike.

No negatives, Selle Italia saddles last forever and keep their shape etc. Well the Flite range at least.

Additional notes
I have also owned Fizik saddles, Arione etc. The Flite range, but particularly the Max Flite is miles in front.
Note: the website has it under offroad, which is odd given it is listed as a sportive saddle. This review is for putting it on a racing bike. No comments about its effectiveness for MTB.

Buy! Obviously saddle depend on your sit bones etc., but this is a amazing saddle.


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