pro - lite TR-D008 lights

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pro - lite TR-D008 lights

Postby scotto » Thu Mar 14, 2013 11:11 am

a mate bought a headlight from deon on my advice so i thought i'd give a mini-review of it, given i was rather impressed

TR-D008 LED Bike Light
cost $99 - currently out of stock - my mate got the last one for now

attaches well with typical o-ring style. no bulky clamps with screws etc to mount first
ample power cable length
very bright output with good road coverage - length and width of beam
# i run Ay-up's with the older non-strobe battery, and a comparison with both batteries charge made me envious.
they look better than a lot of lights !

power cable fitting was a bit loose at first use, but it was the the connections not...connecting. a bit of thumb pressure and its good as gold.
a little larger than my ay-ups, but mount them below the bars and theyre unobtrusive.
not quite Ay-up quality wrt connections, battery bag etc ect, but a third the price

in summary, would I buy them having seen them in use and helped set them up. Yes
Failings of my review - no experience with battery life or water resistence

mods - feel free to move this to the review section

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