Elite Novo Powermag Indoor Trainer

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Elite Novo Powermag Indoor Trainer

Postby Lukeyboy » Fri Mar 15, 2013 7:13 pm

Name of product
Elite Novo Powermag Indoor Trainer

Where bought and price
The Bike Shed Mortdale (TBSM - http://www.tbsm.com.au/ ) - $350

How it is used
For what ever reason that you can't get outside to actually ride your bike.

What it comes with
The trainer - an allan key, screws, bolts, nuts, frame, skewers, unit etc
A sweat net (handlebars to seat tube)
A 150ml bottle of Ozone chamois cream
Elite training DVD

Pulled from their website.

Power Mag Technology: 8 levels settable by means of an easy to use dial that fits on the handlebar - In other words you can change the difficulty with a dial that you can attach to the handlebars.
More powerful magnetic resistance unit with large flywheel (1.7 Kg) - I can't really say yes or no because I have no idea what its compared to. In saything that the resistance settings on offer are greater than some other trainers that I have previously used.
Novo frame: integration of steel and technological plastic materials - Materials used on the frame.
Maximum stability at high speeds or at maximum effort guaranteed by the absorbing structure of the frame - I can say this is true compared to the cheaper and the more "lightweight for easier storage" indoor trainers on offer along with a few more pricy indoor trainers that can start to have that rocking feel to it when you really start to ramp up the pace. I assume this is down to the bike/rider being lower to the ground giving the trainer a wider spread of area to disapate the energy.
Lifting of the bicycle is limited to the minimum - Quite true. The rear wheel is almost touching the ground. Because of this there is no need for a block under the front wheel.
Fast fixing system: the bicycle can be clamped and released with a single quick operation - Like most other trainers availalbe on the market. Some use a dial to tighten and others use a clamp/quick release.
New adjustable support system, allowing an adequate and constant pressure between the roller and tyre - Not much to say about that.
30 mm diameter elastogel roller for reduced noise and lower tyre wear - In really tough training sessions you can still get a nice build up of rubber on the trainer. Best to use tyres that have been written off due to cuts/constant punctures
Folds up quickly for easy transport or storage when not in use - Yeah.... I guess. I spose most indoor trainers now are easy to fold up and for transportation. With this particular trainer everything stays as one. No need to remove anything except the quick release that goes through the hub on your bike.

Its compatible with road and up to 29er mountain bikes. This is acheived by changing the position of the screws on the unit which is a simple 1-2 minute job.


Like most trainers the cable on the left hand side of the handlebars is long enough that it drops straight down to the floor and then along the floor. You can also see how low to the ground the bike is mounted without the need for a block under the front wheel.

When folded up for transportation/storage

+ The bike is low to the ground so there is no need for a block under the front wheel. That rocking feeling you can get on some trainers at higher speeds don't happen on this.
+ Easy to install. Easy to store. Easy to move
+ Comes with a sweat guard to place over your bike

- There is still a bit of tyre wear with rubber building up on the trainer on 80km+ rides. This might be concerning for some but to get around those fears that they will use up all your tread I reccommend using dud tires. So tires that have deep cuts in them, sidewall damage basically anything you won't used on the road just keep and use them for rides on the trainer. You could use your own or even pop into your local bike store and see if they have any dud tires

I would reccomend it. It's a bit more pricey than some other trainers but its up to personal preference and what you would use it for. If for a quick warmup, general exercise etc only you'll be better off with one that's a bit cheaper but just be careful of what you buy as I have seen some trainers sell the block for the front wheel seperatly along with sweat mats/guards also being extra. If you'll be using it for prolonged exercise, training runs, pumping out the watts with lots of restisence you'd be better off on one of these.

Out of 5.
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