Exposure Lights - Blaze Mk1 Rear Light

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Exposure Lights - Blaze Mk1 Rear Light

Postby Lukeyboy » Sat May 04, 2013 10:13 pm

Name of product
Exposure Lights - Blaze Mk1 Rear Light

Where bought and price
Wiggle - List Price: $130/Paid $113

How it is used
All night, early morning, late evening, on road/off road, commuter, pretty much anything involving the use of a bike light.

Weight: 80g
Output: 80 lumens
Power: 1400 mAh Lithium Ion battery
Burn time: HC 6 hours/HF 12 hours. MC 12 hours/MF 24 hours. LC 24 Hours/LF 48 hours.
Modes: High, Medium, Low, Flash
Weatherproof: Yes. (Not to confuse with being waterproof ie no problems with constantly having water on in it riding in the rain but submerge the unit under water and you'll get problems)
When you buy the light you get a manual, USB charger (1x usb) - If you run other Exposure lights eg a front light; the powerpoint charger that it came with will work with this aswell and 1 seat post mount.

Facing straight ~60m away from the bike

Facing down ~70m away from bike

+ Instillation: Very simple and easy to transfer between multiple bikes without multiple mounts.
+ Exposure Battery Packs: If your going on a long extended bike ride/camping for a few days and you won't have access to power to recharge the lights you can use the battery pack to recharge both your exposure lights or just the rear light.
+ Weather Proofing: Doesn't need much to be said.

- Aero Seatposts: Its a hard plastic mount made for the round seat posts so it will scratch the paint on the thin and narrow aero seatposts along with it moving side to side over the bigger bumps unless you make your own mods such as adding some rubber grips to the mount. The elastic will stretch to over the longer seat posts too
- Price: Its abit expensive for a light but its ability to be seen and its weatherproofing more than make up for it.

I would reccomend it. If you have other exposure lights you can simply use the one charger for both units. Burn time seems to be pretty good. Its a bit on the expensive side but then again your not paying for something thats cheap, plastic, uses AAA/AA batteries or something that might be useless if some water gets into it. It can also be combined with the exposure external battery packs for those ultra long/camping rides where you might not have access to power to recharge the units.


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