CREE Q5 500 Lumen LED Headlight

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CREE Q5 500 Lumen LED Headlight

Postby riderpilot » Mon Nov 25, 2013 10:22 pm

Name of product
CREE Q5 LED Bike Flashlight
Where bought and price
eBay for $2.25AUD (auction) + $12.56AUD shipping

How it is used
Night riding

Product is like any other CREE unit, has five modes. Solid bright, dimmed, dimmer, fast flashing and SOS flash. It is a flashlight which is detachable and can be used elsewhere by simply pulling it off the heavy duty clip/gasket thing.



+Extremely durable. Apparently made from 'aircraft steel'. May even break the floor if I dropped it.
+Very appealing appearance. Doesn't look like I forked out 14 bucks for it at all!
+Bright for the price. The flashing mode increases visibility

-Relatively long.
-Can only be used with a particular lithium battery. I got mine from JayCar
-Unprojected light. Spray fire everywhere.
-Large white bulb in the centre of the light, with dim light around it

For this price, even if it was bad I wouldn't care too much. If you're the muck around, ride for fun kind like me, I recommend it! If not, maybe invest in one that has an attached projector bulb.


Quality Image

Performance Image

Value for money Image

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