Xeccon Nigeur Front Light Review

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Xeccon Nigeur Front Light Review

Postby stretts » Wed Jan 22, 2014 8:23 pm

Xeccon Niguer Specs

Lumens: Up to 1100


Run time: 4.3 - 11.7 hours

Weight: 75g

Settings: High, Low, Strobe

The Xeccon Niguer front light is a pretty powerful light for those wanting something a bit stronger than your standard blinker. It is compact and looks pretty nice too with red detailing and a solid metal construction, giving it a sturdy feel. It is definitely a light aimed at the all weather commuter or rider given its waterproofing design.

The battery pack can be strapped to the top tube and is smaller than I thought it would be, it comes encased in a wetsuit type material keeping it dry in wet weather. The cord attachment between the light is solid and I found at times hard to disconnect (especially with sweaty or wet hands) however this can only be good as you know nothing will get inside the connections. The light itself doesnt take up much room on the bars, if you are someone who likes to run a camera, gps or whatever else then you should get away with the compact design of the Niguer.

Out of the box you're gonna get a couple of o-rings to mount onto the bars as well as an extension cable and a helmet mount if you want to go down that route. A handy addition would be a couple pieces of rubber to put between the light and the bars just to keep it snug in place, as I found the light to move up slightly when going over bumps in the road. This wasn't too much of an issue, but sometimes I felt a bit bad shining a 1000 lumen light into oncoming drivers....

That being said, the light is really, really bright. It has a focussed beam at the centre and washes out nicely. A common problem with these stronger lights is the potential to overheat. Fortunately I found while riding in any weather below 28 degrees the light would stay cool due to the flow of air around the unit. I did some testing during the heatwave last week and it did get quite warm, but not warm enough to do any damage. The light has three settings, high, low and strobe, all controlled with a single button on top of the unit which is soft to touch and responds nicely.

Battery life is pretty great, 4 hours on high beam which should cover you for a long night ride or if you are heading out in the early hours. Recharging is done via the included AC adapter which gets you a full charge in about 4.5 hours time.

All in all this is a very high quality product - I would suggest that some extra rubber be included for the mount to the handlebars, just to make it a little more snug. Check out the video below for some footage of light in action.

Purchase Link

Disclaimer: This light was provided to me for review by Xeccon lights

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