Lazer Oasiz MTB helmet

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Lazer Oasiz MTB helmet

Postby swaz » Thu Jan 23, 2014 3:33 pm

Name of product
Lazer Oasiz MTB helmet white

Where bought and price

How it is used
Singletrack, all mountain, bike track and runs to the shops or take away joint

It an extended coverage mountain bike helmet with a removable visor and unique retention system that sort of hugs your head, making the head band conform to your head rather than the other way around with most systems. I REALLY wanted to fluro yellow one, but it is out of stock everywhere so I settled on white. I have owned a Lazer Genius for about the last 7 years and wanted a new helmet plus a mtb specific one. After my two previous attempts at buying a helmet online, I was a bit nervous!

The fit is fantastic. Put it on, turn the little dial with one finger on the top of the helmet and it warps to your head. I must have an odd shaped big head because I tried on about half a dozen helmets and non felt like this does. There is a basket adjust (I think they call it) so the bit that sits at sort of the base of your skull can move up and down as you see fit. The color is really nice. It's like surgical white, very cool! There are so many little things, attention to detail, that make this helmet worth double what I paid for the crappy Kali ones I had previously. For instance the magnetic clip system on the chin strap rather than a clip. No more pinched skin and no more mucking around trying to undo the damn thing with gloves on. The clips near the ears are strong and stay where you tell them, always. The visor is just the right length and height above your head. It's never got in my way yet I don't know how I rode for so many years without one. It has the ability to have a Gopro mount directly attached to it. I don't care about this anymore so can't see myself spending the extra $ on one anytime soon.
Oh and it comes with a helmet bag which I like.
- two tiny things. Lack of colour range in Australia from what I could find and the pads are a little on the thin side but are still very comfy.

Additional notes
Pushys were great. I ordered it Monday arvo after the post run, yet still got it Wednesday arvo. Australia post managed to actually do their job this time which was nice.

I would buy another one of these and I hope they still make them when/if I need a new one. Online it's still less than say a Fox Flux in store. It's the best bit of kit in terms of comfort I own.


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