Fouriers BR-DX005 - Giant Propel TRP brake replacement

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Fouriers BR-DX005 - Giant Propel TRP brake replacement

Postby Lukeyboy » Sat Apr 19, 2014 4:20 pm

Name of product
Fouriers BR-DX005 (Replaces the Giant Propel factory TRP issued brakes).

Where bought and price
USD: 324.45
Euro: 247.45

Official Reseller: (Postage included)
Official Reseller: ... d=68&cid=5 (postage extra)

How it is used
Slowing down Giant Propels.

Weight: 270g a set.
Material: Aluminum
Comes with: Stickers :), Swissstop brake shoes, bolts, washers and front and rear mounts.


+ Instillation: Very simple and easy. The mounts can be installed in a few minutes. Basically adding a new brake inner and outer cables are the most time consuming part
+ Being able to slow down quicker than the factory issued TRP brakes
+ Less adjustments compared to the factory issued TRP brakes
+ Multiple wheels. Not a big issue if you only have the one wheel set that stays on but if you run multiple wheelsets ie training wheels, race wheels, TT wheels you know how much of a pain that was when you swapped between them

- Not really a negative but like most brakes these are designed for european bikes where front brakes are controlled via the left lever - hence the cable mount being located on the right as opposed to the left which can be found on the factory TRP brakes

I would recommend it instantly. If you are a racer you will find the limits and disadvantages of the factory issued TRP brakes very very quickly. One disadvantage of the TRP brakes in wet weather was modulation through the rear in where too little didn't slow you down but apply ever so slightly more pressure the wheel would instantly lock up. Another problem was initial bite. In wet weather you expect the initial bite to be delayed but there were huge delays in the TRP mounts and pads which leaves the rider with no confidence in when the brakes would finally kick in. In the dry the brakes felt really soft and more than likely it can be put down to the carbon mounts. Most of these issues aren't really noticeable for cafe racers or social type riders but in racing conditions or where you are pushing the limits these problems are a pain in the backside. If you are a rider who likes to descend but don't race I'd still tell you to buy them now. They are just worlds apart. I've only done limited running in light rain on the Fouriers but they already had greater modulation and braking power compared to the factory TRP braking system. In the dry they just blow the TRP issued brakes off the planet as you can really fell the difference in modulation and especially braking performance which you can expect from brakes designed specifically at the request of the pro racing teams (hence the long delay between seeing the pro race teams using them vs a mass production release for the public).

Quality ImageImageImageImageImage out of five.
Performance ImageImageImageImageImage out of five.
Value for money ImageImageImageImageImage out of five. As a brake they are worth it. As a Giant Propel owner they should be a one because its an extra cost that shouldn't be needed for something as fundamental as brakes - all Giant Propels should come with these brakes as the factory standard. Having gone through 3 separate brake mounts those TRP brakes are just a joke and should never be put on them in the first place.

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