MKS AR2 Ezy Pedals

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MKS AR2 Ezy Pedals

Postby Testing386 » Wed Sep 09, 2015 10:14 am

MKS AR2 Ezy Pedals


Where Purchased
First pair purchased from Thor USA in 2004. Currently listed at USD66

I have had a pair on all my bicycles except my Giant Reign and Dahon Boardwalk. Currently a pair on both my Bike Friday, all three Cannondale Hooligan and my Litespeed OBED
The oldest pedal set has seen well over 30,000 km of commuting and touring in all weather.

Quick release pedals. I originally purchased these for my Bike Friday New World Tourist. I was packing/unpacking my bike every fortnight for air travel. The quick release, very similar to an air hose / hydraulic coupling, makes removing pedals literally a snap. I was a bit worried about the robustness of the coupling. That disappeared once I passed 20,000 km on my first pair. I now have them fitted to most of my bikes.

I find it handy to have the pedals off when transporting bikes. Scratching your car, other bikes, yourself, train passengers - all taken care of with QR pedals and NO spanner.

I found they also make your bike a bit more unattractive to the opportunist thief if there are no pedals!

+ Quick release works easily - NO spanner required!
+ Pedals are secured well with quick release coupling
+ Pedal quality is very good
+ Toe straps and clips can be fitted
+ Come supplied with a small bag for the pedals
+ Pedals are relatively light 370g

- Price, depending on exchange rate
- A light weight option would be nice for the weight weenies 8)
- Pedal must be removed as opposed to a folding pedal that stays on the bike

Additional notes
The MKS EZY QR system is available in SPD, Time, MTB and "down hill" versions.

I would highly recommend these to the cyclist:
- who does not use a cleat system;
- needs to pack their bicycle regularly;
- who brings their bike into their workstation / cubicle / office and wants to avoid "pedal strike";
- or is just plain feed up of skinning their shins on their bike pedals in the hallway... :wink:


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