Hamburg Lock

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Hamburg Lock

Postby fauziozi » Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:44 pm

For those who doesn't know: ... B00MN52JP4

I bought this as a spare lock, in the event I just don't wanna carry around the D lock (I have small size bike, and the D-lock rack won't fit into the frame along with a water bottle-rack. so have to place the D lock in a bagpack).

Price: $45

Aesthetics: very stylish and looks good when mounted on the bike

Design: very compact, light. Very interesting lock mechanism, I like the feel when it unlocks and locks.
functionality: it rattles a lot when the bike's on a rough road due to vibration. Also, the "plastic plate" is not secured well into in its stowed position. It actually came off in the middle of a ride after I ran over a pothole (on a maxed-pump tyre, so it was a very bumpy ride). If someone is really interested and would like more clarity about how it is secured, I can take a picture for you.

Current installation on my bike: at the seat tube

Verdict: regret I bought it, the rattling makes me wary during ride that the lock becomes un-stowed and I need to put it back in otherwise it'd become a hazard if all the plastic-plate rolled out and tangle the tyre during ride.

For now, I carry this lock in my bag pack, but will try to install this in the middle of the handlebar for this weekend's ride. Though currently I'm already thinking to replace this lock with ... 8&sid=5397

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