Led Lenser XEO 19R

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Led Lenser XEO 19R

Postby Inspectorgadget » Fri Apr 13, 2018 7:50 pm

My summary of this light is it is a versatile, exceptionally high quality light and can be used for a variety of uses. You can even choose to use one light or the other only to save power. The light will run at 2000 Lumens for 4 hours or 1000 Lumens for 8 hours and a full day and then some on anything less. On a trail with NO lighting 1000 Lumens is really more than adequate due to the focussing lens setup.

My background is I am a total newbie to biking but first got back into biking with an electric Fat Bike this time last year and then in December bought my Scott e-Aspect 720 Bosch Electric Mountain Bike. I am 60 years old and hence it was a way of seeing parks and tracks and to enjoy nature without killing myself. I also have for four years now enjoyed walking at night with my Eageltac or Thrunite or Led Lenser or Zebralight lights. I have had most of my lights including my Led Lenser H14R.2 Headlamp for several years or more now.

I also bought a Fenix BC30R which is handlebar mounted. An amazing light also but I wanted two lights for use on trails and ironically the BC30R now lives in the shadow of this light which has impressed me as few lights have.

I got this on Monday but it has done quite a few k on tracks and trails already and I have tried it on the handlebar mount and on the helmet. I prefer the helmet mount but the handlebar mount on my Scot e-Aspect 729 worked fine too with the battery pack suspended from the frame (works very well).

First of all meet Wall-e


A handsome devil? The obvious is two lenses and on each side you can see levers which allow you to focus each lens independently. On top is the multi-controller button which allows some complex adjustments of either or both lights.

First of all do focussing lenses give artifacts? Yes but you generally don't notice them at all. By artifacts I mean at certain zoom settings you can notice a ring or dark spot in the center of the light. If you are a light enthusiast, you may not like that but I am a light enthusiast and I can tell you it is minor. Focussing lenses are really very effective and practical. I have one lens set to full zoom and the other about halfway. I then use the BC30R on a low setting for close up and just in case...

What comes with it? Well there is something missing isn't there? Yes, the kitchen sink isn't included...:)

The helmet mount and four straps are already on the helmet. The extension lead is already attached. Please note that any attachment points are secured with special locks which are easy to undo with your finger but ensure that there is zero chance of accidental disconnection. The two velcro pads are for helmet mounts but weren't needed on my bike helmet. You will see that they have even included a cloth and brush located next to the Go-Pro fitting. I haven't used this. You will see the headlamp strap and fittings which I haven't tried yet but it is typical Led Lenser and works just as my H14R.2 does, very easy to attach and detach. The battery pack and light can both be attached without the extension cord and there are two clips which hold the cord to the head. You can also use the extension cord to put the battery pack in your backpack, the battery pack isn't in this picture but it can be threaded through a belt in it's case else clipped to the belt clip supplied (without the case). You will see also the handlebar mount and below that the battery pack mount with rubber straps and it WILL mount to the top rail of a mountain bike frame. The only downside is you do have to wrap the extension cord around the frame but it has plenty of length. You can't mount the light and battery pack centrally on the bars on my electric bike but on some bikes you could I'm sure. The charger is 18V at 2.5 Amps which is HUGE.

If you look here you will see the battery pack and covers and note that it includes a USB port that will supply 5 V at 1 A enough to charge a phone. Inside are four 18650 LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) cells which provide very safe power (safer than Lithium Manganese Cobalt which most lights use and require a protection circuit). These are also good for 2000 cycles and so should last the life of the light.



I won't do too much more for the review. I think that there are other excellent reviews on line with a lot more detailed pictures and it would take me days to do something quite that detailed.

I'm happy to answer any questions that may be asked by forum members. This light cost $280 too which while not cheap, is IMHO cheap for what it.

I have also had excellent service from Led Lenser. They give first rate 5 year warranties which is why I found it easy to purchase this light. They are top notch in terms of warranty repair and replacement and this has been my personal experience. My H14R.2 had battery charge issues. I mentioned it after one year to them and they said sure send it in. I didn't. Finally it was a problem but at the four year mark almost. They just replaced the entire product with a brand new updated one. I didn't expect that.

I have to say it is a joy to use and it has the power and battery life to satisfy the most demanding mountain bike rider or you can simply use it as a headlamp. The mother of all headlamps and probably overkill for that but the truth is it is a heavy duty headlamp made for people who require plenty of light and for it to last for many hours run time and it does that. The focussing lens means you can adjust the focus to suit your ride and that is pretty unique. Finally these guys are Zen masters of lights and know their battery chemistry and what they are doing very well. All fitments are top quality.

I am happy to send more pictures or information as required if reply to the thread or by messaging.


OK, for use as a headlamp for my walk around Beenyup Swamp, it is very impressive also. I even took some beam shots.

First of all on the head it is perfectly comfortable and I had the power pack on the head strap. I didn't even notice it. I had the focus most of the time, one full and one wide, opposites and that gave me nice lighting all around. I found even 25% or 500 Lumens was enough for walking but 1000 Lumens was nice and 2000 Lumens even nicer in some ways but not necessary. I tested it that it stayed on 2000 Lumens for 20 minutes but I don't think that there is any limit unless it gets too hot which it didn't. Impressed.


Note that there are nicely thought out guides on the sides, common to all their headlamps. The cable again is secured in the power pack. They don't miss anything.

The following isn't a perfect shot but it clearly shows it reaching several hundred metres using both on full spot at 2000 Lumens.


This shot here is one wide one full spot at 2000 Lumens...I felt overall that 2000 Lumens is fine and it will last for 4 hours at 2000 Lumens.


The lens does focus and having two focussing lenses changes the equation as far as power goes. I found 1000 Lumens more than enough power for both mountain biking on winding hardpack trails with obstacles or for walking. For walking even 500 Lumens is enough. You can if you want turn one light off altogther or have them at different power settings. They really have thought of everything here.

A few issues. The LFP chemistry means that the light will maintain its voltage right up until the light goes OUT. There is a power remaining indicator on the power pack itself though. LFP is good for 2000 charges and discharges and while it does not hold as much power as cobalt containing Lithium batteries the chemistry is more stable and safer.

I can't really think of any major criticisms of the light. It uses a muli-controller on top that allows you to use the centre button and forward and back buttons to control both lights or the left and right buttons to control lights individually.

Again if anyone has any questions, I will answer them even if it means doing some more testing. The light, although the main features are easy enough to use contains a lot of settings, although the main ones are easy enough to sort without a manual.

If you can get this light for around $300 online it is a steal. I would even pay full retail of over $500 if it was the only way I could get one, it is that good and can be used for just about anything.

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