Thumb pain

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Thumb pain

Postby hey_nice_cravat » Mon Sep 20, 2010 9:46 am

First post, so be gentle :) I've recently started riding again after a 20-year hiatus (I'm 30), and so far have been doing a bit of fairly easy city riding to ease myself back into it. However, during and after riding I've been getting qutie severe pain in my thumb joints, particularly in the left hand. It The pain lingers for days afterwards, even if I don't ride. I also get pain in my wrists/elbows, particularly after longer rides.

I have hypermobile hand joints and am prone to just about any hand syndrome/injury going (I've had tennis elbow, problems from writing, problems from playing the piano and viola, even knitting) but I wasn't expecting this from cycling! Also, as advised by a physio some years back, I've been doing weights at the gym for the past year to strengthen my arm, back and shoulder strength which seems to have helped with my hand issues, so this has taken me by surprise.

Can anyone suggest any common setup issues that might contribute to this kind of problem? I'm riding a Breezer uptown 8 and find it pretty comfortable otherwise.

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Re: Thumb pain

Postby scotto » Tue Sep 21, 2010 10:36 am

glad to hear your enjoying getting back in the saddle.

ok, are you grasping the handlebars too tight ot leaning to much on them ?
its a fairly upright style of bike, so there shouldnt be too much weight on the hands.
it might be worth getting your local bike shop or a cycling friend who 'knows stuff' to check out that it all set up for you.

also, maybe get some gel padded gloves to ride it, they will make a difference.
keep an eye on what your wrists are doing when you ride. they shouldnt be overly bent in either direction, but that will be related to your position on the bike.

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