Leg coolers

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Leg coolers

Postby casual_cyclist » Mon Nov 29, 2010 1:26 am

I am looking for some rather large leg coolers for long rides on sunny days. I prefer them to sunscreen and am particularly looking for white open weave. I ordered some De Soto brand L white but they were far too small.

Just wondering if anyone has any and what size they are. Here are the ones I have found so far:

De Soto Triathlon Company White Leg Coolers http://www.desotosport.com/products/product.asp?Category=accessories&ProdID=LC available locally here http://is.gd/hUFsS

Sol Skin Leg Coolers http://www.boure.com/8445.html

Sprint Design Cycling Leg Coolers: Unisex - White 'n White http://www.sprintdesign.com.au/cycling-clothing/white-o-white.html

GIANT Cycling Nylon Leg Warmer White http://is.gd/hUHP2 <- not sure about these, they are listed as warmers so might be fleecy lined = HOT

That's all I have been able to find so far. Any others around?
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