Important if you/you know someone suffering from Heartburn

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Important if you/you know someone suffering from Heartburn

Postby tnt » Thu Sep 01, 2011 7:47 pm

Crossing Australia to highlight Heartburn awareness (This is a self financed trip with no en route support.)

On 9 September I will be leaving Perth Au to cycle across Australia to Sydney (or as far as I can in 2 months) this has always been one of my ambitions but also since being diagnosed with Barrett's Disease I want to highlight the dangers of letting heartburn continue too long without getting it checked out. I disguised the symptoms by taking various over the counter well advertised products. So if you have persistent heartburn or acid reflux please get it checked out. More info
And anyone wanting to follow my progress be pleased to have you along.

UK my ongoing attempt to record my bike travels around the world.

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