Knee Troubles

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Knee Troubles

Postby paolo_ski » Sun Oct 09, 2011 8:50 pm

Hi all,
About 10-12 weeks ago, I went under the knife and had 60% of my right lateral meniscus removed. Now this basically rules out any long distance running for me, so I've taken up cycling to try and strengthen my knees/get fitter/lose weight.

Anyways, the knee is still swollen a little bit, especially around the two small incision points. It hurts a little bit when standing up (ie doing squats at the gym) and sometimes when climbing hills in a high gear. I ice it randomly when it hurts and I do some stretching (but not nearly as much as i should be doing).

So my questions are;
has anybody had this procedure?
how long was your recovery?
is it possible that cycling is making it worse?


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Re: Knee Troubles

Postby Nobody » Mon Oct 10, 2011 8:32 am

paolo_ski wrote:is it possible that cycling is making it worse?
Definitely, if you have poor bike fit and/or low cadence.

The main problems can be caused by saddle to high or low and a cadence less than 80rpm when seated. If in doubt, stand up when climbing.

For the interim, I suggest you do the bike calculator below, being careful about your measurements. Pay particular attention to the saddle height and saddle setback. If you have cleats, lose them until your knee problems subside. Then try to fit them (or get them fitted) properly. ... ATOR_INTRO

Another issue is have you got the correct length cranks? Below is a guide: ... lator.html
When you are young you can often use whatever crank length you want. As you get older, you may find benefit in being more particular about crank length.

Also build up the distance slowly over time. No more than 10% per week.

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Re: Knee Troubles

Postby paolo_ski » Mon Oct 10, 2011 7:08 pm

Thanks for the reply :)

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