Inversion therapy

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Inversion therapy

Postby diggler » Sun Dec 25, 2011 12:39 pm

I've decided to buy an inversion table to help stretch my dodgy back. Will give updates on benefits.
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Re: Inversion therapy

Postby GWH74 » Sun Dec 25, 2011 9:24 pm

Waiting to see how this goes for you as well.
Looks as if I might have a bulge in L5/S1.

@Oxford - where did you get the table from? What is the quality like? Also what sort of doctor did you visit to diagnose you disc issue?


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Re: Inversion therapy

Postby lgbran » Tue Apr 24, 2012 10:43 pm

Purchased inversion machine from E bay.. wanted one years ago.. have had a dodgy back for years.. past 6 months right hand side of body and lower legs twitching and shaking... 2 weeks on inversion machine helping and feel 2 inches taller.. had to be rescued by son after fully inverted and unable to get back up... Inversion therapy does work

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Re: Inversion therapy

Postby foo on patrol » Wed Apr 25, 2012 8:42 am

That would of been funny to see........well for your son. :oops: :lol:

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