Require help regarding weight

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Re: Require help regarding weight

Postby PawPaw » Sun Feb 12, 2012 7:41 pm

Comedian wrote:Addictr3 did say in healthy people.. and regardless of whether diabetes and related illnesses are increasing in frequency or not... I'm sure the vast majority of people do not suffer any of these issues.

He is right to that in an evolutionary sense humans just didn't have food available all the time like we do now and I would argue that it's only probably since WWII that the developed we have had access to food at our finger tips (there is something to think about).

Addictr needs to clarify what he means by healthy people, and a "retarded diet". Does the former include people who struggle to lose weight and keep it off, or people who show no clinical signs of insulin resistance this week, but do next week? The thing is, people are not either healthy or unhealthy. The categories are not that discrete. It's a sliding scale where biochemical pathways progressively lose the ability to keep the body in homeostasis.

As for retarded diet, Comedian when Addictr clarifies, run it by your dietitian (Sally?)

Regarding evolution
- The Japanese and French have food at their finger tips, and don't have the obesity rate other developed countries do.
- Overweightness is not equal across socioeconomic groups in advanced economies, and wealthier people should have more food at their finger tips.
- Gee, even some religious groups within advanced society have lower rates of morbidity and obesity.
So I'll pass on the fingertips theory. :)

- Look, just about every Tom Dick and Harry who has lost weight is an expert on weight loss. I am happy with the scientific consensus, which is out there for everyone to temper their personal experience and gut feelings with. It staggers me that more don't.

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Re: Require help regarding weight

Postby mants » Mon Feb 13, 2012 12:57 am

Well thought i would let you know, ive been eating alot more vegies over the past 2 weeks and cut out alot more of the rubbish, so far i am now down to 80.9kgs, good bit to go yet, really aiming for 70kgs now :D

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