Any vegans here?

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ball bearing
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Re: Any vegans here?

Postby ball bearing » Fri Sep 28, 2012 11:52 am

PawPaw wrote:
ball bearing wrote:
PawPaw wrote:A friend wants to buy a vitamix but doesn't want to pay big $$$s....though $800 would be enticing.

$789 Aussie warranty. ... 19cffd9f44

hmmm....a good price but being an overly cynical long in the tooth kinda guy, I am distrustful of merchants who canvas for 'back orders' on the basis of vague or superceded fill dates. Often it means they don't order until they have ~10 back orders, and the cash in hand. Then they just contact someone like
Warranty details can be sketchy too.

But that's just my suspicious nature.

This talk about the Vitamix got me looking around and I ended up buying one for my wife (I think she will like her Christmas gift) from here:

$770 delivered from an authorised dealer with a 7 year warranty.

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