Spreading muscle? pain - below right knee

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Spreading muscle? pain - below right knee

Postby jemima » Sun Apr 21, 2013 5:16 pm

My bike fit resulted in moving my seat back a cm, and lowering the saddle.
Prior to this, I was getting a slight occassional pain (during and after riding) directly underneath the right knee cap.
That (mainly post ride) pain has gone now, which is great, but I'm getting a new pain at the same leg:-

Basically I would describe it (again, occurs mostly post-ride for a couple of hours) as an occasional sudden wave/throb of pain which spreads out in both directions (along the leg) at the base of my right knee i.e. below the skin, in the muscle? / back of the leg.

Its not that bad that I can't walk or anything; just ongoing (comes in waves) for a couple of hours until it disappears.

Having spent quite a bit already, hoping to get fitted reasonably well, I thought I'd ask if anyone has had similar issues/solutions?

My fitter did move my right cleat sideways so that my knee when it was bent was not angling in to the top tube at the top of the pedal stroke so much, which it tended (and still does a bit less) to do origially.

No issues at all with my left foot/knee/leg.

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Re: Spreading muscle? pain - below right knee

Postby greyhoundtom » Thu Apr 25, 2013 6:10 am

That type of post ride pain in my honest opinion is most likely due to the path your knee is forced into due to the cleat position.

I don’t know how much rotational movement your current cleats allow, but allowing the foot to move through any necessary rotational movement without being restricted during the pedal stroke should remove pressure from the knee and reduce post ride inflammation.

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