Weight loss has stalled

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Re: Weight loss has stalled

Postby kb » Thu Feb 27, 2014 10:47 am

Glad I'm not the only one :-)(currently wearing Country Road cast-offs from the mother-in-law)

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Re: Weight loss has stalled

Postby barefoot » Thu Feb 27, 2014 10:49 am

must... not... make joke... about getting into... mother-in-law's pants... :mrgreen:

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Re: Weight loss has stalled

Postby cyclotaur » Thu Feb 27, 2014 1:11 pm

Here's my blog - A bit of fun :)
"Riding not racing...."

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Re: Weight loss has stalled

Postby PapaJohn » Sat Mar 29, 2014 7:32 pm

I'm in the "weight goes down" part of the annual cycle right now.

For me, it really is a seasonal thing. Physical work in the winter for 3 or 4 months - poor food. Lots of fats, energy rich snacks, Lots of alcohol. Weight stays just over 75 - 77 kg max. October - recovery month I don't do much, back at home. I'm generally very fit, in an all-round sense, but down in a cardio way, and might be nursing an injury or two. Go easy time. - I'm often shocked at how badly I ride in the spring. I tend to stay away from the magpies in the Spring and get back on it as soon as they lose interest. This year, I left it a bit late and was 85 around Christmas and felt and looked fat. Back on the bike 4 times a week for 40+km rides.

I only weigh myself monthly. End of Jan - noticeable change in body shape, bugger all loss in weight due to muscle tone getting back. End of Feb? under 80. the time it's taking me to get around the 42 kays is no longer embarrassing . End of March - ride times are now back in the respectable range.
Weight is now 77. I don't feel or look fat. I'll be happy with anything under 75, but 70 would be nice. LIGHT has some advantages at work. 65 was my stable weight for most of my working life - until I was nearly 50. Maybe 65 should be my target. When I was in my 40s, and running, it went down to 60, but the toll was on my joints - not to be repeated.

So far, there have been no modification to diet, or alcohol intake. It's just the exercise. No denial, supplementary feeds on ride days, or ravenous urges. If past history is anything to go by, my weight loss will tend to "floor out" a little under 75, To go down more at a similar rate means to increase ride length - intensity is already rising - I get bored, and to lose the alcohol, and to adapt the old time/distance standard that used to be my yardstick for when it might be OK to entertain the idea of club rides. It can be a bit counterproductive though if it makes me "binge"

So what is my point? for some of us, seasonal weight gain/loss is pretty normal. Depends on how much your year varies. Mine happens to vary quite a lot. In the winter I work outside all day, come home, eat like an animal, crash by 7:00 up at 6 to do it again, and party hard a couple of times a week. To - nothing to do all day - sleep, watch telly, command the keyboard or, at best, fiddle about out in the shed, but no real effort required at all, then get alarmed about fitness/weight and do it all over again in a small number of months. I'm not getting progressively heavier over years, and it's not harder to lose to under 75 than it ever was. BUT just once, I wish all the magpies would go North for the spring or die and I could overcome the post-work season lassitude.

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