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Postby Ivanerrol » Tue Apr 25, 2017 6:37 pm

Been off the bike for three weeks because of unexpected events.

Last year I took up cycling to lose weight and get a bit of fitness back.
One of the unexpected consequences of either a combination of losing weight, improving core strength and the general exercise was
the vast improvement of my sciatic symptoms.
I have a real difficulty in raising my legs - running or jogging is out of the question plus have pain in both sciatic nerves running under the glutes.

Just three weeks off cycling and sciatica was back. Really noticed it when getting out of bed and walking up stairs.

Only took three days and 100K's to lessen the symptoms.

I have been told that cycling is allegedly not good for sciatica but in my case this is the opposite.
I've also read that a comfort saddle off a hybrid is supposed to be beneficial for sciatica. Not my experience. I took the comfort saddle off my hybrid and installed a road bike one

And F.W.I.W. I had a bike fitting - took my hybrid and FB roadie along. Bike fitter had working knowledge of back problems.
Much better off on the FB roadie than the hybrid. This is again supposed to be against advice which apparently those with sciatic problems are better off on a comfort bike.
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Re: Sciatica

Postby Farmer Elvis » Sun May 21, 2017 6:59 pm

I too suffer from sciatica, cycling seems to generally help it, however if I cycle and stretch it makes a huge difference

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