Hip Problems! (Small Labral Tear and Ischiofemoral impingement)

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Hip Problems! (Small Labral Tear and Ischiofemoral impingement)

Postby crazycatlady » Sun May 28, 2017 2:17 pm

Hi All,

Not looking for specific medical advice for my hip issue, just a little hope for the future :D :D :D

Any other fellow cyclists who have had either a labral tear and/or Ischiofemoral impingement?

Was your surgery successful and how long was your journey to recovery and more importantly back into cycling?

I look forward to reading about your experiences :D

Thanks -- Another crazy cat lady who desperately wants to get back on her bike...

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Re: Hip Problems! (Small Labral Tear and Ischiofemoral impingement)

Postby eeksll » Mon May 29, 2017 11:19 pm

we have had a few runners (not cyclist) on my group have this surgery done. They all resumed running. One guy finally dropped running after running for years after a laberal tear surgery due to hip replacement. He got into cycling after that. I think you'll resume fine.

can't help on recovery times, but from memory it seemed to only be a few months before running (easily) again.

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Re: Hip Problems! (Small Labral Tear and Ischiofemoral impingement)

Postby Gassy » Tue May 30, 2017 2:29 pm

I had FAI surgery last year, it was the 5 in one ( Labral tear, cartilage repair, cam and pincer removal and something else)
Arthroscopic. Surgery was OK, bruising and swelling, but nothing bad pain wise. I think i was meant to be on crutches 6 weeks, lasted maybe 2-3 weeks, but I'd try and stick to the surgeons advise!

In my case I was back on the bike after 2 days, just everyday 10 minutes of spinning with no resistance for the first 6 weeks. During week 7 I went for an outdoor ride ( up the 1-20 ), it was ok, but not great. Did a mix of trainer/ indoor rides and easy outdoor rides for another 6 weeks, after which I felt pretty good. After 16 weeks I'd say back to almost 100%

Surgery seems to have been successful. The impingement has been removed, my alignment on the bike is better and I am not getting pain in the hip socket like I was before. I did manage to put on around 4 kgs though, and that was hard to get rid of!

Unfortunately, when I finally got back to a decent weight and riding form I had a stack, broke a few ribs, collar bone and fractured the neck of the femur- now have 3 screws in it. (Same leg as surgery). This has been tougher than the FAI surgery to recover from, a bit more damage, longer recovery time off the bike, and some muscular deactivation ( mostly glutes) which is proving hard to get strength back into again. About 90% now though, did my first 100k ride 2 weeks ago and did a 200K ride last weekend, so going OK finally. The last 12 months has been challenging bike wise!
Best of luck..

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