Hip Pain

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Hip Pain

Postby Nomad2 » Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:24 am

Hi all,
Just hoping to get any thoughts and experiences from people on my current predicament.
Fist of all, some years ago now, I was diagnosed as having osteoarthritis in the hips, particularly the left. I get some impingement pain in the left but only rarely and have a reasonable range of movement in the hip. Recently (a year ago) I was diagnosed with some minor arthritis in the thumb joints (pain in both sides became apparent at the same time), not a major issue yet but it's there. In the last month or two I started getting constant pain in my right hip on the outer side (not groin). It's apparent when I ride and even worse when sitting for long periods when I do notice it more also in my lower back. My physio, who I have known for years and have a fair bit of faith in, believes the issue is a lumbar spine issue. Has anyone else had experience with something like this?
So far I am doing a number of stretches for hip flexors and glutes as well as starting on some core exercises as I am very weak in this way. I don't want to stop riding altogether but will probably cut down for a while.
My physio looked at my bike set-up an thinks my road/touring bike is set up 50mm too long in terms of reach! After looking at my MTB I have shortened the stem by 20mm to get it roughly in line with what he has said. The road touring bike (which has a 100mm stem) might need an 80mm and I might need to look at 65mm reach bars in place of my current 90mm ones. Not sure what that would do to the bike.... Of course I could always get a new one :) . That said, I did ride the road/touring bike for years including cycle touring in Europe and didn't feel like I had problems then. I guess it's all catching up with me now...
Anyway, that's probably enough to start with. It would be great to get any thoughts, experiences from anyone who has had similar issues.

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Re: Hip Pain

Postby 10speedsemiracer » Fri Jul 28, 2017 7:03 pm

I think a professional fitting by an expert like John Kennedy is warranted in your case, especially if it will help avoid chronic pain and keep you on your bike. Where are you located? I'm sure that someone here will be able to suggest someone...

And John Kennedy has reopened in country Victoria, linkage:
https://thebicyclefittingstore.squaresp ... ?p/contact

Good luck,
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Re: Hip Pain

Postby vander » Wed Aug 16, 2017 11:23 am

If you have a restriction in ROM at your hip when you are riding a bike it can cause your whole body to move differently on the bike. You can adjust the fit to be more upright and open at the hip in an attempt to decrease the demand on the hip, you can try and improve ROM at the hip so it doesnt cause too many problem, you can strenghen the hip and areas around it to help deal with the load. The last option is to try and be very speciic and gradual with the loading and allow the other tissues in the body to get used to compensating for the hip in this case you may be able to ride without problemss without changing too much. I would personally go for somewhere in the middle, a compromise for all the option.

Arthritis is quite normal and arthritic changes are found on a lot of people without any pain. I would not see it as a sentence to have issues for the rest of your life.

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