Tonights ride - ACT

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Tonights ride - ACT

Postby glawrence2000 » Tue Feb 17, 2009 10:53 am

There is an informal Defence MTB group that I am a member of, there are regular (Every Tuesday night) rides and then pizza and beer or similar afterwards.

All comers are welcome Defence or not. Catering for all levels and including worskhops and tuition from some very experienced riders.

See below for start time and location. Come along - if you're not too scared. :?

NOTE NEW START TIME for ADF personnel - 1830L (0730Z)- Civvies can get get there at 6:30pm

Last week we had 15 people, 13 riders in one group and another two riding another route around Jerra before all catching up at the Jerra Hotel for a closed kitchen. Luckily, they were happy to whip up 6 pizzas for us and all was good.

We trundled up Mt Jerrabomberra as a warm up before trying out most of the close in single track. Greg Foord gave multiple lessons in changing a flat and everyone was keen to keep handing him tubes so we could keep going. At the meal after there was debate as to whether to start at the Mackenzie St gate or the Race Gate on Majura Rd, ride lots of Majura Pines and then head to Debacle for a pizza at the end. It seems the Mackenzie St gate is quicker, even with the ride over the hill. If you wish, you can park at the Race Gate and ride up to the horse gate at the back of Majura Pines and meet the rest of the group at approx 1850.

This week - MAJURA PINES - Start Start at 1830 at the Mackenzie St gate in Hackett, Ride Majura and then head to Debacle for 1/2 price pizzas

So charge your lights and come along. Extra friends always welcome (Any new HQJOC starters that anyone knows who enjoy their MTB, welcome along).

Again, if anyone needs to be added or removed from this list for 2009, please let me know.
Thanks heaps.
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