Greenvalleys Freeride Park

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Greenvalleys Freeride Park

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Press Release - Tuesday 14th, April 2009
Greenvalleys Freeride Park

Greenvalleys Freeride Park is a planned MTB facility in Tongarra, NSW. It is located in the foothills of the Macquarie Pass National Park just over an hour south of Sydney, and approx 20 minutes from Wollongong,

The park will host a Downhill (DH) competition track for school, local, state and national competitions. A Slopestyle competition course, and Freeride tracks for all levels of ability.

The site has some zoning issues before approval, and operations manager Nick Haertsch has a meeting with Shellharbour strategic planners on Wednesday May 6th, to include the site in the Local Environment Plan (LEP) wrap up for 2010. The strategic planners will make their recommendations and the project will go on exhibition for the Shellharbour council to approve.

- This will allow for a recreational MTB facility in the Shellharbour region.

The site has already undergone extensive assessment which includes a Flora and Fauna study by Bushfire Environmental Services Pty Ltd, specific GPS waypoints of proposed tracks courtesy of Peter Sanderson (Wollongong MTB Club), and preperation of a detailed report on the site by environmental planners Eco Logical Australia Pty Ltd.

- The site has the potential to become the Premier Freeride Park in Australia.

Greenvalleys Freeride Park is seeking your support by logging onto the website and filling in the petition details, to show why a legal MTB facility is needed not only in Shellharbour but for the greater Illawarra region.

For a little more information, if it goes ahead....
- The park will be open on weekends only to start with
- There will be an entry fee.
- There will be a car parking area with a short walk / ride to the sign-in area
- The site will be shuttle accessed by Greenvalleys own shuttle. Its a 24 seat-24 bike beast.
- The Wollongong MTB Club will be holding DH events for its members once a month.
- There will be a camping ground for sat night fun.
- There will be toilet facilites
- There will be a food / drinks stall
- There will be a spare parts / bike hire shed for a local bike shop
- Bike shops will have the opportunity to create and sponsor signature features / stunts in the park.
- The freeride lines will consist of 4 lines.
Easy / Intermediate / Expert and NO-FARKIN-WAY.
- The slopestyle course will be very similiar to that of Whistler MTB Park. The area proposed is pretty much the same size and vertical drop of Whistler's slopestyle area.

The site has great potential - it has a vertical drop of around 180m, and your average freeride run is of 1.5 - 2km. The DH competition line will be fast and fun and around the 3km mark...

I hope this gets you pumped...

Until then - spread the word and get on the website and show your support

Nick Haertsch
Operations Manager
Greenvalleys Freeride Park

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