Niner Jet 9 Wins Karapoti


Niner Jet 9 Wins Karapoti

Postby MountGower » Sun Apr 19, 2009 3:39 pm

OK, so while I have only riden my Magic Carpet for 75km on the road, I am feeling like quite a Niner zealot at the moment. So while I haven't driven you all completely mad yet:

LINK to original story

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Re: Niner Jet 9 Wins Karapoti

Postby Nobody » Sun Apr 19, 2009 4:26 pm

I think post #3 on the MTBR forum summed it up.


Re: Niner Jet 9 Wins Karapoti

Postby MountGower » Sun Apr 19, 2009 5:46 pm

"Winners are grinners" probably does a better job of it.

Then there is the report of the bloke who actually rode it, which is also linked above.

Then there are more words from the horse's mouth in post #8:
I'm the guy that won Karapoti on the Jet. Thought I'd reply to a couple of the comments...

2 month taper? Hardly. It was 2 months of racing... not 2 months off racing. Karapoti was my 13th event of 2009

Anyway... I chose to race the Jet after one ride, simply because it felt fun to ride. Tech speak aside... the bike just felt right. Previously I was on a Superfly that at one stage had a race weight of 9.6kg (approx 21lbs). Whilst maybe not as snappy in acceleration, the Jet feels every bit as fast. Proving that light is not always right.

Note also.... these are not sponsored comments. I was just borrowing the bike!

Understandably I loved it. I still haven't given it back. since Karapoti I have gone on to win the Triple Peaks Challenge (a rather epic 47km back country race with LOTS of climbing) in course record time, the NZ MTB Marathon Champs (Masters), and record amongst the fastest laps of the Ay-Up 24hr event (where our team was victorious).

The Jet has proven itself fast in a variety of conditions and events.

Note also.... the bike is now approx 25lbs. For Karapoti I had bullet proof (heavy) tyres on, and a number of other sensible parts. I now run FSA 2x9 cranks, and usually use Stans Raven tyres.... with drops the weight substantially.


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Re: Niner Jet 9 Wins Karapoti

Postby alchemist » Sun Apr 19, 2009 6:30 pm

Cabin is a bit of a freak, he'd probably still win if you put him on a 20" bmx

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