Night time forest riding

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Night time forest riding

Postby DionM » Sat May 16, 2009 10:11 pm

I have a set of Ayups now so I was game enough to go venture into the local forest well after dark (usually I go just on dusk). It is Toohey Forest for those who know Brisbane - its not hardcore MTB forest riding but its enough for me for now. I go by myself.

Boy, it sure was dark! And while I was happy with my Ayups on bike paths, in the forest I can certainly see the need for the helmet mounted option!

I kept on having this sensation of someone right on my tail, for some reason. Dunno if it was my mind playing tricks, or the noise of the bike bouncing back off the trees, but I looked around many times expecting someone to be right on my tail. Spooky.

Didn't see anyone else, except for suddenly coming across two rather suspicious looking characters (lads in their early 20s, walking - and they didn't look like bushwalkers).

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Re: Night time forest riding

Postby trailgumby » Sun May 17, 2009 6:10 pm

Yes, I agree you really need both sets for trail riding. I've done it with just bar mounted lights the once because my son and I were having so much fun we decided to keep going, so I needed to give him the helmet set (swap helmets). Found I kept on getting stalled on the slow bits on babyhead rocks and other little obstacles as they dipped below the throw of the bar lights.

On groomed firetrails you'd be ok with just bar lights so long as you keep the speed moderate. Sometimes my cousin and I go riding with just my lights on firetrails as the two sets on my bike are more than enough for both of us. On the singletrack, though, I'd be worried about him coming off and me leaving himbehind in the dark! :lol:

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