New to the forum and mountain biking

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New to the forum and mountain biking

Postby zook37 » Thu Jun 11, 2009 3:27 pm

Hi All.

Have had a few cheap and nasty mountain bike over the years. I have just picked myself up a Malvern Star XCS 1.0 While it isn't top of the range, I am looking forward to getting out and about on it.

Does anyone know anything about this model? anythingI need to look out for? It's going to be used 60% on road 40% off road and nothing too extreme at this stage. :lol:

By offroad I mean dirt trails and hard sand. Maybe as I gain experience I will step up and lift the game. 8)



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Re: New to the forum and mountain biking

Postby Kalgrm » Thu Jun 11, 2009 3:41 pm

G'day Brett,

Welcome to the forum.

Congratulations on the new bike. It's a serviceable entry level MTB which will probably fit your needs as described for a year or two. The components aren't high level and you can expect them to wear out fairly quickly if you hit some harder trails. However, if you do find yourself riding more technical trails, you'll be wanting to upgrade the bike to something better even before you wear out the components on that bike, so don't sweat on it too much. Just enjoy and learn, then when the need arises, move on to the next bike.

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