Can anyone help? persistant mtb problem

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Can anyone help? persistant mtb problem

Postby elliott » Sun Dec 02, 2007 5:40 pm

Hi guys,

I found the bike forums after searching the net for a solution to my mtb problem, so I thought I'd see if someone could give me a possible solution after two "professionals" couldnt be bothered trying to figure it out.

Basically I own an old dual suspension mountain bike, which isnt worth a mint but still suits me fine. I stopped riding it years ago because this aggravating problem starting happening and at the time I just left it. Basically, when i'm riding [usually when theres more stress on the bike, like when going up hills], every now and again i'd be pushing down on the pedals with my feet and suddenly the pedal would give way and slip maybe 120degress [almost feels like the chain comes off momentarily if that makes sense] - so i'd basically jam my knees on the bike frame and walk it home in pain. This would happen even when i wasnt changing gears, and enough times to stop me from enjoying the ride.

just last year i took it into my local bike force [figuring id rather get it fixed than spend a heap on a new dual-suspension bike] basically they claimed to have fixed the problem "it just needed a service" - when I took it back to them for the THIRD time with the same problem, they just put a new rear derailleur, chain, and gear cluster on for wholesale price and basically just wanted to get rid of me. That fixed the problem perfectly until a few weeks later when I lent the bike to a friend who crashed it [onto the right side]. now the same "slipping" problem is back again, and this new place i've taken the bike to couldnt fix it... "the bikes just old", even though its got all new parts and is pretty well kept.

I've seriously had enough of this problem, which Im assuming alot of people could diagnose straight away - it was working perfectly until the crash and my guess is maybe the derailler could be slightly un-true or maybe the gear cluster was damaged [everything looks fine to me though]. I have absolutely no clue what causes the pedals to slip when the bike has a little extra stress on it. im pushing a little harder on the pedals to go up a hill and suddenly *whack*, and my body falls forward.

I'm gonna try once more at another bike store and see if I can spell the problem out slowly - maybe i'll have some luck this time. The last place i went to actually had a couple of 15yr old kids doing the fixing. I was hoping maybe someone on the forums had encountered this before and new what the hell was going on. The help would greatly appreciated.

If theres any extra info i'm missing out then just let me know. sorry for the long winded post.


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Postby toolonglegs » Sun Dec 02, 2007 7:54 pm

Hey Elliot,welcome to the forum.
Bit of a pain when people cant be arsed to do their job!.
If after they put the new chain and cluster on it fixed the problem then that was just old part needing replacing or a tight spot in the chain that made it slip.
If after your mate crashed it is doing it again it is either...
A-he has bent the deralieur or hanger so the chain isn't sitting right and is needs to check the deralieur hanger and re-adjust your gears.
B-he has damaged the chain.
For both of these try spinning the cranks in reverse and if it runs smoothly then might not be the problem,but if it runs rough or jumps off then something is bent.
C-Front chain ring is worn...pretty easy to see,takes a while but they do wear down.
D-Freewheel body (clutch)is slipping.Take the rear wheel off and give the cluster a spin,make sure it sounds all smooth and won't turn in reverse.Sometimes it sounds fine but is still buggered and slis under load.
WHere do you live..someone will suggest a good shop.
It is pretty simple stuff for a mechanic.
Good luck!


Postby MountGower » Sun Dec 02, 2007 7:54 pm

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Postby elliott » Sun Dec 02, 2007 8:19 pm

hey guys, thanks heaps for the help.

Im in perth, wa - im not really sure where to take it, so if you guys had some suggestions id be pretty grateful

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Postby Kalgrm » Sun Dec 02, 2007 10:02 pm

G'day Elliott,

Welcome to the forum.

Which part of Perth? There are a few of us here in Perth, and if you're not too far away from one of us (ie not too far out of our way) one of us may volunteer to look at it in person.

Secondly, exactly what bike is it? When you say "it isn't worth a mint", it could well mean that it isn't actually worth anything! If it's an old K-mart special, it could simply be worn out (doesn't take much to do that - eg walking out the door can wear some of them out .... :)) However, if it's an old good quality bike, it would be worth putting more effort into tracking down the problem, then fixing it.

I have a set of Shimano deore MTB hubs which will skip the pawls in the freewheel occasionally. Nowhere near as bad as you're describing, but it can happen on these wheels. It never happens to the better hubs I have. If you have access to a second set of wheels, you might try them. TooLongLegs has the best suggestions though - the dérailleur hanger needs looking at and the chain's links should be examined for freedom of movement.

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Postby glawrence2000 » Tue Sep 16, 2008 3:44 pm

I had the same problem, it turned out to be the free wheelhub was worn (the bit that makes the rachet sound when you're costing).
New one was around $25 had the guy at the LBS fit it and all is good.

I hope this helps. It wasn't slipping all the time but when it did - it sucked supremely.
Thanks heaps.
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Postby kandi » Fri Nov 14, 2008 12:29 pm

I had the same problem, it turned out to be the free wheelhub was worn (the bit that makes the rachet sound when you're costing).

I second that

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