Anaconda near Forster

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Anaconda near Forster

Postby brokenbus » Fri Apr 15, 2011 12:13 am

I did the 28km Anaconda on the weekend. The race is on this weekend but I beleive the marker tags may be up for a week or so afterwoods so if you are in the area it might be worth having a go. It was my first real go at a proper MTB track and I struggled but had heaps of fun anyway. Its got some steep hills and I didnt have low enough gearing as the small ring on the front is a 28 and I have a giant Boulder which is a title that is pretty accurate for its weight. Its plenty wet too and a couple of the guys I went with got leeches on them. Ride starts at Bungwalh. Just opposite the shop there is a dirt road Go down the dirt road and follow the course markers. Took us 3.5hrs but I had heaps of breaks, walked hills etc. You will also need to get picked up at the end unless you want to ride the course back or go by the road which is another 30 odd kms.

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