Pedal Against Poverty 8hr ride

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Pedal Against Poverty 8hr ride

Postby teamdanby » Sat Oct 15, 2011 1:23 pm

the 8hr ride set down for port macquarie was run today at the wanye richards urban MTB track

i didn't go in it i wussed out due to a full week on the bike already and because of the rain that has seemed to find itself set in up here

i did however just pop over to check on how the riders were going and all that and due to the weather and track conditions the 8hr ride was halfed to a 4hr ride

storys were been told of a few bike breakinf due to the amount of mud with a few derailers seeing their days ended from too much of the red clay mud clogging them up and the build up around them

was good to head over there to just and see the riders as they all looked like they needed a high pressure wash down as much as the bikes with mud EVERYWHERE
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