29er to be or not to be?

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Re: 29er to be or not to be?

Postby sblack » Fri Dec 02, 2011 10:13 pm

silentbutdeadly wrote:I'll wager that the front brake issue is a combination of the fork and wheel. They probably aren't quite stiff enough to counteract the braking force delivered by the disc. It's unlikely that the wheel will torque enough to contact the fork but anything is possible I suppose.

This issue is why you often see QR15 front axles & hubs on the more high spec bikes. Instead of a 10 mm threaded tube and a traditional QR, the axle and QR are combined in a 15 mm tube that goes through the fork leg and wheel bearings and screws into a nut in the fork leg on the other side. Tighten up the QR cam on this axle and you have a very stiff front end that is very resistant to twisting forces from the brake and rough ground....
The current 2.1 tyre comes pretty close, I was thinking a 2.5 would probably touch, but then again the conditions I'd be considering a 2.5 for may see the tyre losing traction before that point, it has been on the road that I've noticed it getting close. QR15 definitely sounds worth considering in possible future upgrades but at this point in time, to get the component level on the Apollo and QR15 was out of my budget.

Stopped for a photo on the way home this arvo, click the image for full size pic in the gallery Image.

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