Perth XC Tyre Choice

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Re: Perth XC Tyre Choice

Postby AlMac » Sun Apr 22, 2012 12:24 am

Schwalbe is a good choice.

I'm running 2.1 Crossmark LUST tubeless front and rear. Rear fine (unsurprisingly) but the front just doesn't grip enough to inspire confidence in the pea gravel. That said, they're great tyres, just not the best choice.

Interesting pressures above. I'd weigh about 86kg kitted up to ride and I've progressively reduced my psi over time. I'm down to about 22 rear and 20 front - which I find works really well for my XC/single track riding in the hills. As I progressively went down from 30 psi the ride quality got better and better. Bike is 26 inch dual suspension - don't know if that makes any difference though.

If you were running tubes, the Hutchinson tyres seemed to be good down to 30 psi - which I regularly ran with no problems on my 26er. Don't know if it is different on 29er as my mate runs much higher pressure and has been regularly pinch flatting.

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Re: Perth XC Tyre Choice

Postby Rob74 » Tue May 22, 2012 7:44 pm

Local MTB weekend ride eastern states 3km tar flat & steep up hill, 15-20km single track & some & Pea gravel fire trail, 3km tar down hill & flat

98kg (kitted to ride with 3lt water tools etc)
24" Framed Hard Tail

Specialized - The Captain, 26 x 2.0 XC Race Compound 32PSI Cold
Specialized - Fast Track LK, 26 x 2.0 Durable Compound 34PSI Cold

Works out great.


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