New Bike for rider returning to cycling

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New Bike for rider returning to cycling

Postby Bsod » Fri May 18, 2012 11:28 am

I am in the process of buying a new Bike, I used to ride a lot when I was 18-20 years ( I am now 45) old use to road race amateur B in France. Since I am now living in Australia and left my Pride and joy behind (my Bike) I have always resisted the urge to ride again. finding excuses such as the roads are just terrible, I will kill myself, the traffic, the gigantic potholes..etc.
Anyway long story short I decided to buy a MTB 29er because there are lots of track around my area and its steep ( mt warning) always loved climbing. I never like 26 er as an ex roadie they just never felt right riding them.
its going to be for fitness mainly and I don't want to spend over 1.2 k .
I was going to buy the talon 29er Talon 0 but going to my local bike shop I can pick a Norco charger 9.2 for around 850 with new pedals (RRP 999)
CHARGER9.2 Norco
Giant talon

If the bug gets me again and despite the charger being 350$ cheaper due to Norco discount which one of these 2 bikes present the best platform to upgrade ? to me they speced very similarly, lowish component but its completely fine at the budget I am at. I just do not want to buy again in 6 months . I read about quick release wheel V thru axle and such, and I am wondering which of these 2 frames can keep the bike upgrade itch at bay the longest time possible.:p
I am fine with upgrading component as I go cause I Know its an irresistible urge fr cyclist to splash on better gear.
any considered advice would be appreciated
thank yu

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