Jindabyne MTB trails

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Jindabyne MTB trails

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Get Your Bike Out and Come Riding by Paul Gardiner
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About 15 years ago the NSW Snowy Mountains Region was the leader in Australian Mountain Biking (MTB). At the time, Thredbo offered the only lift accessible MTB trails. Meanwhile, Nolen Oayda, held the first ever MTB Extreme, “Red Bull Ride” in Jindabyne.
Today, many areas such as Mount Buller VIC, Mount Stromlo ACT, Cairns, Perth and Adelaide in Australia are building trails and cycling is also booming worldwide.
So what are we doing for MTB in the NSW Snowy Mountains? Lots!
Our local community young and old, National Parks, Snowy Hydro, resorts and private land owners are all working together, mapping and building new MTB trails, in and around the lake and mountains.
Lake Jindabyne MTB Trails
Last year the Mill Creek Trail was completed from Jindabyne Dam wall to Tyrolean Village. Currently Craig Stonestreet and the team from Jindabyne Landscaping and GZ engineering are finishing the Coppertom section of the Lake Jindabyne Trail (Jindabyne to the dam wall). In fact by the time this article goes to print this 1.5 meter wide shared pathway running from Jindabyne to Tyrolean Village will be complete. The views are fantastic for MTB riders and walkers. The plan is to go around the Lake, 70-90km.
Bungarra MTB Trails
Andrew Brown at Bungarra Alpine Resort has opened his property up for MTB camps, club rides and events. Bungarra MTB Trail Network has over 20kms of trails. Twisting and turning around the 300 acre property. Bungarra offers a Skills Park, Pump Track, Flow Trails, Pocket Park, big jumps line as well as sweet flowing single trail. The Snowy Triple Trail and the Wicked Wombat use these trails.
Lake Crackenback MTB Trails
Bruce Marshall at Lake Crackenback Resort (LCR) has been MTB pro-active. LCR have been refining their current MTB Trail Network and working with National Parks building a new MTB single trail alongside the Ski Tube.
This summer LCR will also open the New Skills Park built by Rolling Ground, Jindabyne. The Skills area has wooden-ramps, rocks, Flow Trails and a Pump Track. It’s a beautiful location and there are lots of things to do at LCR even if you don’t ride.
Thredbo MTB Trails
Thredbo is well known for the longest, fastest lift accessible MTB downhill in Australia. This summer Thredbo opens a new intermediate MTB trail to the public. The new trail (still un-named) will be six kilometres of long traversing, rolling, flowing terrain (no rock gardens). The trail will offer a new MTB experience for advanced riders and open up Thredbo for the beginner to intermediate riders. With 600 meters of vertical – Thredbo is big.
In other Thredbo news, National Parks are continuing to build their first trail for decades. The Thredbo Valley Shared Trail (TVT) will run from Thredbo to the Ski Tube, crossing back and forth over the Thredbo River. Currently the TVT is about two kilometres out of Thredbo. The TVT will be one of the more beautiful trails in Australia. Check out the bridges. The Jindabyne Cycling Triathlon and Mountain Bike Club CTMC has been running for 18 months now and has over 100 members.
Club race and social riding timetables are available online. The club is always looking for volunteers for trail maintenance and marshalling. http://www.jindabynectmc.com.au
MTB Events in our region have grown. Jindabyne CTMC has weekly and monthly social rides and races scheduled. Wild Horizons will hold the Annual “Mountains to Beach”. Sri Chinmoy Adventure Race comes back to town and Thredbo will hold races all summer.
Rolling Ground Jindabyne will hold two MTB events this summer, “The Snowy Triple Trail”, November 10th-11th and the “Wicked Wombat” 8 hour New Year’s Eve race. Stay tuned for “Woman’s Camp” Easter 2013.
Finally, thanks to a Tourism Snowy Mountains grant and maps designer Rob Gant-Thompson, the NSW Snowy Region will have detailed, standardized MTB maps from Cooma to Tumut this summer.
Yes, the wheels are moving up here in the mountains both on and off road.
For MTB information in our region visit: http://www.rollingground.com.au
http://www.snowytimes.com/get-your-bike ... -gardiner/

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